Welcome to Squared Nails Architectural Salvage of Mid Missouri - We are a company that dedicates itself to perserving our past by saving the best of our artchitectural heritage and repurposing materials we find.


"I have fond memories of my grandparent's farm and farmhouse in Illinois. They ran a working farm outside of Aurora, IL (close to Chicago) and I have many of their treasures in my home today. For years I believed story told to me by my Grandma years ago, that my grandparents hid in the house in a secret hiding place under the steps when the native Americans attacked. It was only when my own children were young and I was passing on the love of the farm house and this exciting tale did Grandma fess up and say it was only a story. This love of history and the stories behind the  precious things that belong to our ancestors is what we find rewarding in this business. Once it is gone it is gone forever." - Mark Elliott